With varied backgrounds and upbringings, we bring to the table a wide range of personal and professional interests – from sub-atomic physics to beer – which results in unconventional thinking for your project as well as the positive results you seek.

We represent not just our individual talents, but a worldwide network of resources which we can put to work for you. We produce video projects around the world,  in a timely manner  and at a reasonable cost.

We also offer discreet crisis communication, reputation management and media training services to our clients.

Let us prove to you that our nimble, worldwide virtual network is a better way for you to do business. You put your resources into your projects and not into inflated costs which subsidize the rent on huge bricks-and-mortar infrastructures.

And we’re fun. At least we think so. We guarantee you will enjoy working with us.


David Bernknopf
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Ted Rubenstein
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Harold Sellers
Harold Sellers SplendidVid
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