Ted Rubenstein

Ted Rubenstein, SplendidVidTed Rubenstein is an award-winning television producer with 25 years experience in storytelling, having created documentaries, series, newsmagazine segments, multi-subject multi-hour programs, and internet content.

He has extensive experience in the field, both domestically and internationally and has produced programming that originated in remote locations from the Mississippi Delta to Bolivia to the West Bank. He manages complex worldwide projects from concept to final product.

Rubenstein worked for CNN for more than two decades where he won a number of awards including a Peabody Award, a DuPont Award and an Emmy.

Prior to his television work, he co-Executive Produced the acclaimed Funtone USA recording catalogue which includes RuPaul, Now Explosion, and Pop Tarts.

Rubenstein now heads his own production company. Recent clients include Chevron, the Susan G. Komen Foundation and The Sierra Club.

Selected Videography:

Project: Mississippi Delta

Description: This is the first documentary series I did for CNN. Though produced in 1990, it highlights some social issues which remain part of the public debate today, particularly health care.

Client: The Weather Channel

Project: Biofuels

Description: This 2008 piece asks a provocative question: is US policy on biofuels driving up your grocery bill?

Client: Uncle Dave

Project: Interview and Concert Videos

Description: Uncle Dave Dougherty is an old-time musician (don’t use the word “bluegrass” around him) with an illustrious background from Bill Monroe to Johnny Cash. Check out his unusual banjo playing style in the interview.

Concert Video:

Project: The People Bomb – Bolivia

Description: When wealthy individuals and families owned media outlets, they could commission expensive projects without regard to shareholder value.  Such was the case when Ted Turner tasked CNN with “The People Bomb”, a controversial project he believed socially important.

The 1992 worldwide documentary series examined health and economics effects of population growth. I produced this segment from Bolivia. Can a place be overpopulated and underpopulated at the same time?  WARNING- VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. There are some disturbing images in this piece.