SplendidVid’s first corporate sponsorship: A good time for a good cause

Dave and Emily Berg came to the sad realization in 2005 that it might be a while before they’d be able to return to their beloved New Orleans for Mardi Gras. She was pregnant with their second child and the older was about to start kindergarden. (They now have three.)


MRMG 2005a


So to get their Mardi Gras fix, the family built a paper mache float on top of a Radio Flyer wagon, the neighborhood kids painted it, and off they went down Mead Road in Decatur GA, singing Professor Longhair tunes at the top of their lungs.


The vibe was so good, the parade got bigger every year and even spawned a volunteer marching band with a varied repertoire. In 2014, the Mead Road Mardi Gras Parade turned into a fundraiser for the Decatur Education Foundation which uses the proceeds to buy musical instruments for kids in the public schools. $12,000 raised so far in total, with the sums increasing each year.


February 6, 2016, marching through the Oakhurst business district.


SplendidVid is pleased to support arts education in schools.







Some school districts, in the face of budget constraints, have cut arts, music and drama offerings. Some schools have no programs at all, despite study after study showing the value of these curricula. Arts education studies are linked to higher literacy rates, lower dropout rates and improvement in cognitive thinking.

So see you next Mardi Gras! Search for Mead Road Mardi Gras parade, dress up and show up. You can even join the band.

Tu way pocky way!

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