Fight Fake News!

With clear, compelling video messaging from SplendidVid

Fake news affects everyone.  And it can be devastating.  

Any person, company or organization is subject to deliberately false information being circulated about them. 

The motives don’t matter. Whether it’s out of revenge, business competition or sheer maliciousness, fake news can hurt your reputation and brand; diminish your revenue and fundraising capability.

Get the truth out. 

Distrust of information is growing in our society, but you have the opportunity to tell your own story in your own voice.

Don’t let your customers, employees, investors and the general public wonder about you.

SplendidVid can get the real story about you into the world with its storytelling experience.

Check out the plentiful examples on our website and call or email us today.


About Ted Rubenstein

Ted Rubenstein is an award-winning television producer with 25 years experience in storytelling, having created documentaries, series, newsmagazine segments, multi-subject multi-hour programs, and internet content.

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