SplendidVid tapped again for high fashion client

Fivesse liked our videos so much for its initial rollout of high fashion, high concept, utilitarian gym bags for busy women, they picked us to trumpet the addition of a new product line: beach bags.   We think they are onto something by going after educated professional women. Women earn nearly 60% of undergraduate degrees in the...

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3-D graphic used to tell complex Superfund site story

3-D graphic illustrates complex Superfund cleanup in Houston Ship Channel

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SplendidVid delivers high fashion video for high fashion client

Our latest client Fivesse makes unique gym bags and accessories for women and asked us to create videos which capture that uniqueness. So we reviewed videos of the competition, crafted copy and a video look to reflect their branding philosophy and created a striking animated graphic look out of their logo. (Sounds like ad agency work,...

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Hard-hitting look at the case against Chevron in Ecuador

We produced this video for Chevron's 2013 annual shareholder meeting in California, then produced versions in Spanish and Portuguese for Chevron websites. SplendidVid helped write the piece, found all the voice talent, produced the graphics and edited all three versions. We produced these videos on a tight deadline, making all the complex pieces come together...

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Junkman’s Daughter taps SplendidVid for massive holiday advertising campaign

Venerable Atlanta retailer Junkman’s Daughter, the renowned, independent retail cornerstone of Atlanta’s Little 5 Points shopping district, picked us to create a TV spot for a huge marketing push on Comcast Atlanta. The task: in one evening of shooting,  capture the depth and breadth of the 10,000 square foot store, an Atlanta institution since 1982. Funky fashion and footware, unusual gadgets and gizmos, costumes and accessories, all in thirty seconds. Impossible!

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Can you be so sick you don’t know you’re sick?

One of the biggest "gee whiz" responses from our first project for the DC-based non-profit, Treatment Advocacy Center, concerned the brain condition known as "anosognosia." It took me a while to learn how to pronounce it correctly, but it keeps a person from understanding his or her illness. It's been documented in those with Alzheimer's...

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Newell Rubbermaid

The SplendidVid team is particularly proud of our 2011 version of the Newell Rubbermaid presentation video. We were provided a series of power point images, logos and stills and turned it into a rocking animated show opener.

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Big Company Webvideo

This video, commissioned by our friends at Edelman, was shot, edited and web ready in less than 48 hours. Amazing, huh?

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Corporate Presentation

Here’s a video commissioned by our friends at Edelman for an important corporate meeting at a Fortune 500 company.

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Client: Everwell.com, a medical media company which produces video medical profiles for viewing in  physicians’ waiting rooms.

Task: Inspirational medical profiles on a strict budget.

Process: Discipline to organize a self-contained one day shoot, one day writing, two days editing.

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Church’s Chicken

Task: Educate Church’s Chicken employees on issues related to the bird flu.

Process: Produce and shoot video of real Church’s employees learning best practices for healthy and safe food preparation with background interviews with CDC experts.

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Chevron: The Real story of Texaco Petroleum in Ecuador
Task: Tell Chevron’s side of the story regarding one of the largest lawsuits in history, which claims Texaco (later purchased by Chevron) polluted the Amazon region of Ecuador while drilling for oil. Many international news organizations covered the story, including the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg News.

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Task: Explain the varied ways ChoicePoint’s information technology and database solutions benefit society. The need arose after a high profile data breach at ChoicePoint.

Process: Produce, shoot and edit a video to be distributed to state and federal decision-makers as well as ChoicePoint stockholders and business partners prior to the start of Congressional and legislative hearings on data security.

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TNT Network for NASCAR

Task: Edit series of features for TNT NASCAR telecasts chronicling behind the scene process of staging a NASCAR race in each race city for nascar.com.

Process: Travel to six NASCAR locations, produce, shoot and edit self-contained pieces specific to each location in four days.

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