Lifehouse “All In”

Task:  Shoot and edit new music video for Lifehouse.

Process: Intense collaboration with band management, label and director Jesse James Dupree for quick turnaround.

Outcome: Prominent placement and multiple airings on music platforms around the world.

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Dallas Austin

Task: Collaborate with Dallas Austin to create series of videos for the Dallas Austin Experience live shows.

Process: Shoot HD footage and acquire appropriate stock footage for three- to five-minute videos shown on high-tech large screens during concert. Ten weeks from start to finish.

Outcome: Videos currently in use.

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Uncle Dave Dougherty, a classic banjo player

Task: Create a music video and music CD with limited budget.

Process: Two birds with one stone: one-day, four camera-shoot of  a live performance,  mixed on the fly, two days of editing.

Outcome: Professionally shot and mixed DVD and audio CD which has been released.

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Michelle Malone

Task: Produce, direct and edit music video for “Feather in a Hurricane

Process: Work with artist to conceptualize video. Shoot time one day; edit time four days.

Outcome: Critically-acclaimed video airing nationally

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