Happy 18th Disability Day, GCDD

And we're happy at SplendidVid that we've been along for so many of the Disability Day festivities since 1999. We crafted a touching tribute to those 18 years.  It serves as a memorial to the 18 years of activities at the state capitol in Atlanta, Georgia.  The folks at the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities will...

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Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ADA

July 26, 2015 The Americans with Disabilities Act is a landmark piece of legislation that mandated changes in everything from sidewalks to doorways. What it really accomplished, though, was providing freedom and independence to millions of people. 25 years later, we helped tell the story of the nationwide commemorations of...

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SplendidVid video makes a difference in someone’s life

"No dessert could have been as sweet," blogs Doris A. Fuller, Executive Director of Treatment Advocacy Center, about the success Eric Smith is having in his courageous battle against mental illness. We at SplendidVid are thrilled too. The video we wrote and produced for Treatment Advocacy Center was instrumental in Eric's receiving proper treatment. Eric and his...

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Can you be so sick you don’t know you’re sick?

One of the biggest "gee whiz" responses from our first project for the DC-based non-profit, Treatment Advocacy Center, concerned the brain condition known as "anosognosia." It took me a while to learn how to pronounce it correctly, but it keeps a person from understanding his or her illness. It's been documented in those with Alzheimer's...

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Creative Thank you videos

Kennesaw State University in Georgia is one of our favorite partners. We have worked on a series of fund-raising videos with them. One of the challenges of any capitol campaign involves creating appropriate 'thank you's" that get noticed. The first example below shows...

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Kennesaw State University – creating recognition

Kennesaw State University had a brand recognition problem. It is the third largest university in the state of Georgia. But people were unfamiliar with it, its growth and its transformation from a commuter school to a live-on-campus with a robust community and academic life.

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A difficult social issue and a possible solution

How should we deal with the mentally ill among us who are not receiving treatment? It's a delicate issue. We've become used to seeing mental illness around us - homeless people in vacant lots and under highway overpasses. We see the headlines when behavior turns violent. Tucson. Blacksburg. Carson City. Even back to the assassination attempt...

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Stories told in the first person: Georgia Council on Development Disabilities

The concept was to show people with disabilities as just that: People.

So GCDD and SplendidVid produced a mini-documentary on the 40th anniversary of the Developmental Disabilities Act of 1971 that looked back at 40 years of change, examined the lives of people with disabilities today and looked ahead to the challenges that remain.

All in the words of those who live with disabilities.

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Treatment Advocacy Center

What to do about the mentally ill among us who are not receiving treatment? Here’s a possible solution from Treatment Advocacy Center.

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CleanSkies.tv and The Sierra Club

Task: Turn The Sierra Club’s syndicated radio program into TV for use on CleanSkies.tv, an internet only news channel specializing in environmental and energy issues.

Process: Work with Sierra Club to identify Sierra Club resources which were visual and self-contained. Shape these resources into short blocks of TV programming.

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Susan G. Komen For The Cure

Task: Create a documentary based on complicated research and government studies to highlight issues important to the organization.

Process: Analyze the research to articulate a story line. In this case, the issue was communities which have a higher-than-average breast cancer mortality rate.

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Georgia Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities

Task: Produce and shoot on a tight budget a video profiling people who benefit from the Council’s work, highlighting the organization’s major legislative rally.

Process: Two days shooting, three days editing.

Outcome: Five-minute video for web use on many disability- oriented internet sites, in addition to DVD distribution.

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